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Hola! The new branded content playlist is out over at… The is one was a little bit like giving birth… but what would I know… I’m a dude… Great mix of things this week from very recent work to bits n’ pieces from a couple of years ago. Good to go!  Here.

S0… Hello Future! Hello Branded Content!

Not sure where to start on this one but basically, I work for myself now…or should say… along with my partner we’ve started our own agency. A branded content creative consultancy / agency / thing, called


Whilst still early days… we have a name… a logo… office space… and clients!

And our first film out the door. Yeah!

We also have our blog up and running with a weekly playlist of the best bits of branded-esque content from our the webs.

Yeah so, much exciting at the moment will post mucho updates…


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Making Future Magic.

Dentsu London.

yer… thay say…

10 Spartan Rules

In 1951 President Yoshida wrote 10 principles to guide behaviour at Dentsu in Japan:

1.  Create work for yourself; don’t wait for work to be assigned to you.

2.  Take an active role in all your endeavours, not a passive one.

3.  Seek out large and complex jobs.  Trivial tasks debase you.

4.  Welcome difficult assignments.  Choose them.  Progress lies in accomplishing difficult work.

5.  Once you begin a task, complete it.  Never give up.

6.  Lead your fellow workers.  Be an example for them to follow.

7.  Set goals for yourself to ensure a constant sense of purpose.  This will give you perseverance and hope for the future.

8.  Move with confidence.  Confidence gives your work force, focus and substance.

9.  Find new solutions.  This is the way we ensure satisfactory service.

10.  When conflict is necessary don’t shy away from it or be afraid.  Conflict is the mother of progress and the source of aggressive enterprise.  If you fear conflict, you will become timid and servile.

In homage to these we have written 10 new principles to suit our place in time at Dentsu London:

1.  The future is not advertising

2.  Haitsu – the art of hybrid communications – is the future

3.  We are media activists seeking to broker, create and facilitate Haitsu

4.  We are an alien hybrid-child in London; we embrace uniqueness and the unexpected

5.  We practise Haitsu in order to make Future Magic

6.  Future Magic is creative invention for competitive advantage

7.  Future Magic impacts and enriches culture and the understanding of culture

8.  We prize craft and craftsmanship (Monozukuri)

9.  There is no substitute for discovering for yourself (Genchi Genbutsu)

10. We hold a no-nationality framework of the world, the workplace, and our work (Mukokuseki)

The point of these is to help us make the most radical, powerful creative work we can.

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Kinect is…



Second screen theory. dextr

People are awesome… Rn’they…

Life through a window


why no work?

A Necessary Ruin: The Story of Buckminster Fuller and the Union Tank Car Dome from Evan Mather on Vimeo.

I had one… He no more.

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How is ink made? How ink is made.

For watching the internets+ Leanback & Couchmode… then there was this TV thing…
+ The 2011 TED prize winner… Awe.

Still inlooove with INSTAGRAM


How have I not posted this? Other than the fact that I haven’y posted anything… Fur a while. THECRETATIVEINTERNET.




It seems.

There’s not as much video this time around, if yea is looking for top notch moving picture stuff I would go here: we are bullet.