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This is funny tho rainham sheds oldie but a goodie from Mr Scamp



So the votes are in (see previous post). What a fantastic result, the public have spoken, democracy online, stick that in pipe and smoke it Mr Bonds. Your record will forever be tainted. You’re are a over-payed muppet and a cheat. It’s funny Bonds called Marc Ecko stupid for buying the ball and making this statement. Bro, you just hit a ball with a stick. After his last effort (Still Free) I thought Ecko was a pretty smart operator. Is he the new Phil Knight? Is his agency the new W+K?


Remember the guy who tagged Air Force one with the slogan “Still Free”.
He didn’t really, he just repainted a 747 and filmed it. The millions of people who watched it trying to work out if it was real or not still got his message. For his new campaign he has bought Barry Bonds home run record breaking baseball.
He then created a site where people can vote whether to A) Put the ball in the Hall of Fame B) Brand the ball with a disclaimer point and then put it in the hall of fame or C) Shoot it to the moon and forget about it. The disclaimer point on option B, is in reference to Bond’s alleged use of steroids throughout his career suggesting that the record may not be a record after all. The point? “to democratise the debate over what to do with the ball” plus make his own opinion pretty clear. The ball by the way, cost clothing company owner Marc Ecko (who’s company this is clearly an ad for) $750,000.