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Of interest: Ten landmark albums that created landmarks, starting with the B-Boys Pauls Boutique Via Sleevage.

Same vein kinda:

Joy Divisions Unknown Pleasures cover in… FLASH. Yup.
By Mr Doob.

A Stone Roses fan? This is pretty nuts, funny … and sad.

And as I tweeeeted, John Hughes was partly responsible for my marriage… so RIP & RESPECT Mr Hughes.

Looking for a massive collection of film titles? Course you were…

Here’s another great resource for titles, actually it’s much better… Art of the title.

Love a good TED talk? Here’s a behind the curtains look. Via: Swiss Miss

Another talking thing with a bit of cute thrown in…

Now this is pretty neat… a 3D line drawing tool with a cute name… Rhonda

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sure is pretty bugs fly’n round… Back atcha’ Anguswhines

+ Stop saying lol…

Digital agency Double You drops the website… but have they?

How about 10 things to do for digital agencies if you like words n stuff

Still want more words… WHY I LOVE THE INTERNET…

From the well of well awsome somethingchanged

So what are you doing?

More lists? Yep.

From Wired.

And of course advertising is to blame.

Oh wait, one more list…

10 Things your kids may never know about.

6000 post it motes later

Christopher Doyle wins a D&AD for his personal identity guidelines.


+ How about this for a table of overachievers at a award show…


Or Mr Pickle. Flickr saves the day. V-I-A: Wade.

The Apple app store live visualization installation… for the fan boy nation.

Out for years now in internet time, but… we don’t need no stinking website says agency…


We love you so… a blog based mainly around bits and pieces from the production of Spike Jonzes’ moving pictures version of Maurice Sendaks “Where The Wild Things Are”…

Then there’s the new logo from the editing software company Avid… geddit?


Then there’s Cards Of Change... business cards from recently employed peoples with positive messages of their out of work experiences…

I wish every surface in my house was covered in this… Idea paint… turns all your walls into white boards…

and for all your Keyboard Cat needs…

If you think it should exist it probably does…  the Keep Calm & Carry On parody poster flickr pool