hello future

For all your Monday arvo  procrastinating needs  >>> Hello branded content! – – Playlist Three! Film clips, short docos… etc etc… WATCH NOW!


Hola! The new branded content playlist is out over at… The is one was a little bit like giving birth… but what would I know… I’m a dude… Great mix of things this week from very recent work to bits n’ pieces from a couple of years ago. Good to go!  Here.

S0… Hello Future! Hello Branded Content!

Not sure where to start on this one but basically, I work for myself now…or should say… along with my partner we’ve started our own agency. A branded content creative consultancy / agency / thing, called


Whilst still early days… we have a name… a logo… office space… and clients!

And our first film out the door. Yeah!

We also have our blog up and running with a weekly playlist of the best bits of branded-esque content from our the webs.

Yeah so, much exciting at the moment will post mucho updates…