Hello new year… why don’t we start out slowly with a gif?

And then maybe a song… one of the best from last year.
The Rural Alberta Advantage _ Edmonton.

And for the dataViz_heads Feltrons 2009 Annual Report is out.

It’s book, no a macbook, no it’s a bookbook.

Banksy McBanksy. Exit through the gift store.

Cute. Neat.

I don’t think of them as checks anymore… they’re pixels… why the fuck am I blogging about ties?

Mouse pointer track…

That’s a couple of hours of mouse action in PS. Try it. Via: Iain. Via. Ash.

Here’s mine from doing this post…

Some pretty RAD tatts from Aamanda Wachobt. Via: Made In England.

Great site for interesting iphone APPS>

Kinda in the same vain as creative applications.

Which brings me to this puppy…

Listen to this (from Creative Applications) A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter is… a physical sculpture that is perptually attempting to auction itself on eBay. Every ten minutes this black box pings a server on the internet via the ethernet connection to check if it is for sale on the eBay. If its auction has ended or it has sold, it automatically creates a new auction of itself. If a person buys it on eBay, the current owner is required to send it to the new owner. The new owner must then plug it into ethernet, and the cycle repeats itself. AWE_THEN_SOME.

Yoda of the design world. Mr Rand.

+ McRad… From Public Domain… is…

Then Lady GaGa became Creative Director of Polaroid.

Totes makes sense.

+ The answer once and for all

Now this is creative…

+ The always rather good Charlie Brooker

Just in case you weren’t clear…

The Rules of The Internet. (Via: Something Changed)

Procrastination is…

This is that kinda annoying good. Nokias “The Worlds Biggest Signpost” (By FarFar)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

But the duck nuts at the moment seems to be the trailer for “Machotaildrop”… it seems like so many different references blended into a smooth brew…

Time will tell…

True Dat.

The “Three Stripes” gets it’s AR on…

+ Youtube went disco

Now this is the type of art that makes me happy… Harsh Patel.

And this sure is pretty too.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(Via: RubbishCorp)

+ Read this blog “gathering of glimpses”

It’s awesome… and she’ll hate the fact more people are reading it…

+ Can we all just watch this again… Ji Lee: The Transformative Power of Personal Projects.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And then let’s call it quits with… the “I’m here” trailer… Spike Jonze & Absolut’s collab. Robot Love is still love.

Anyway… Later Bro.


Err… last month was the first time since the crazy days of November 06 that a month has passed without a post… so now I’m going to do a little overcompensating…

So the DROID is here… is it the one we are looking for?

Highly renowned US Agency Cliff Freeman closed it’s doors. The agency was famous for producing TVCs that were actually funny (well for advertising at least). I heard a rumour somewhere that when presenting work to one of the Creative Directors, you would know if he liked it not by getting a laugh out of him… but by him just saying in a monotone voice “Laugh”…

Here’s one of the “classics” they produced for during the day…

Giff o the day…

Burger King / CP+B does AR… of course they do… they always do the thing… while the rest of us just talk about the “thing”

You doesn’t love a good flow chart…

Pretty “off the wall” interface… yep.


Remember when this was the shizzle for interfaces?

Illustrator Emma Kelly and her site…

This is a bit of all right… Kasabian Football Hero… Underdog is a pretty good song to boot! (accidental)

So. True.

VIA: SwissMiss

Pretty neat idea for a desktop:


Mitten scarfs… another good idea:

mmm… theme… good ideas?

The Dyson Air Multiplier

How about lip gloss that can help detect date rape drugs?

Or a syringe that can only be use once.

Mainly flogged from PSFK.

Want to learn how to dress like Don Draper?

And for the laydeez… a Tetris dress

How about smart artist James Hopkins and his Spirit Level?

Or what would happen if the internet disappeared for the day? (Via: Ray)

Pretty Stupid stuff…
Now this is pretty much the opposite…

So basic idea is… one guy from the company (Brammo) and one guy from the agency (CP+B) ride the new electric motorbikes (the Enertia) they are both trying raise awareness (sell) for… all the way from Detroit (Motor City) to Washington (D.C.) They will (have) couch surf, tweet, glide silently and stop to plug these pretty machines in every now and then all the way in hope of not just raising awareness but also raising the attention of the Barack Obama whom the goal is to give the bike to… now because it’s taken me so long to write this they’ve already made the trip… (listen to the story here: and whilst they may not have succeeded… they did get meet with the US Secretary of Energy and get their message across. Not bad.

shockingbarack journey

The route was chosen as it was the journey the big boys from the car companies took with their hats in their hands to ask for bailout money from the prez.

These are the keys to the bike and the bike lock they have left somewhere if Washington for the Prez tho pick up when he has a spare 5mins.

Great idea.


How about The Editors hacking/mashing streetview in a promo for their latest album…

Now everybody has been posting this… but that’s because it’s petty rad…

Mick Jaggers letter/brief to Andy Warhol…

From the site:

There has to be a TED video in here somewhere now doesn’t there… how about this one from Rory Sutherland? WATCH!

Then how about a little bit more digital / outdoor/ realtime / nonsense?

Via: Creative Review

How about an alternate to lorem ipsium?

and… if only this existed…

And please!


Maybe one last thing…


Who doesn’t like Chalkbot… I’d do client presentations this way…

How about Mos Defs new album released as a Tshirt… S_M_A_R_T

How about Blue-Tongue Films? They do some pretty neat stuff, have a feeling they will be rather large one day. Interview with Nash Edgerton here…

Maybe the worlds first realtime corp ID… Not really though is it? Actually yes… kinda… pretty hot by head.

Reminds by a bit of Awards new logo… kinda.

…Man I can’t keep going on about how good this site is… The new Man City site by Poke. Hmm cmon LFC you can do better…

Boy o Boy… this Pringles banner is getting some attention… that’s because it’s the opposite of FAIL.


How about a Thirteen year old reviewing the original Walkman…


Then give it up for CB+Bs new site…

CB+B front page

and on the aggregation tip how about these guys… Whitegoods. Yeah.

Actually if you squint you can see the whitegoods url in the CP+B twitter stream…