Of interest: Ten landmark albums that created landmarks, starting with the B-Boys Pauls Boutique Via Sleevage.

Same vein kinda:

Joy Divisions Unknown Pleasures cover in… FLASH. Yup.
By Mr Doob.

A Stone Roses fan? This is pretty nuts, funny … and sad.

And as I tweeeeted, John Hughes was partly responsible for my marriage… so RIP & RESPECT Mr Hughes.

Looking for a massive collection of film titles? Course you were…

Here’s another great resource for titles, actually it’s much better… Art of the title.

Love a good TED talk? Here’s a behind the curtains look. Via: Swiss Miss

Another talking thing with a bit of cute thrown in…

Now this is pretty neat… a 3D line drawing tool with a cute name… Rhonda

Vodpod videos no longer available.



Who doesn’t like Chalkbot… I’d do client presentations this way…

How about Mos Defs new album released as a Tshirt… S_M_A_R_T

How about Blue-Tongue Films? They do some pretty neat stuff, have a feeling they will be rather large one day. Interview with Nash Edgerton here…

Maybe the worlds first realtime corp ID… Not really though is it? Actually yes… kinda… pretty hot by head.

Reminds by a bit of Awards new logo… kinda.

…Man I can’t keep going on about how good this site is… The new Man City site by Poke. Hmm cmon LFC you can do better…

Boy o Boy… this Pringles banner is getting some attention… that’s because it’s the opposite of FAIL.


How about a Thirteen year old reviewing the original Walkman…


Then give it up for CB+Bs new site…

CB+B front page

and on the aggregation tip how about these guys… Whitegoods. Yeah.

Actually if you squint you can see the whitegoods url in the CP+B twitter stream…


PSFK asks “was the Ford 021c ten years too early?” you’d have to say sadly yes, but in reality no way. You don’t hire Marc Newson too pump out some standard shit do you? So don’t be confused when he delivers this odd ball. In the end who knows if it was too early because Ford didn’t have the balls to produce it and really see. Although the cynical would say that it was never Fords intention to do so, just a PR exercise… to appear as though… etc. I loved this thing when I first saw it, and it stood the test of time (short-term-time). And the design geek name. Beautiful.



the visual cliché can be comforting because it feels right… because you’ve seen it before you can’t quite put your finger on where or maybe it’s just that you’ve seen it so many times… anyway you do something pretty common in a different way and chk chk boom… stands out… seems easy… So this is presenting tshirts in a different way (NOT the designs on the shirts themselves which have kinda been done before, still great idea though… A claradon version would be mine… dadadastudio

ps: what?