Did you really do an unboxing of your business cards?
We though it would be funny.
Looks like you took it a little bit seriously.
Not really. We just got our first business cards back from the printer and…
And we have a brand new camera (the new Sony NEX-FS100) and we can’t stop… we’ve been filming everything.


Hola! The new branded content playlist is out over at… The is one was a little bit like giving birth… but what would I know… I’m a dude… Great mix of things this week from very recent work to bits n’ pieces from a couple of years ago. Good to go!  Here.

S0… Hello Future! Hello Branded Content!

Not sure where to start on this one but basically, I work for myself now…or should say… along with my partner we’ve started our own agency. A branded content creative consultancy / agency / thing, called


Whilst still early days… we have a name… a logo… office space… and clients!

And our first film out the door. Yeah!

We also have our blog up and running with a weekly playlist of the best bits of branded-esque content from our the webs.

Yeah so, much exciting at the moment will post mucho updates…


yes i am precious… I love this type of stuff… what the internerd is made for… by those talented gents @ breakfast …the same guys who made this

I’d love to try some of this… the “worlds” most alcoholic beer (55%) that comes packaged in stuffed rodents… and costs £250…


Have posted about this before? don’t matter…


Also goodski… The Black Cab Sessions

Beautiful order… AGI


Passive Aggressive Art Directors?

Psssst… Need Cheese? Enter the late night cheese toasty dealer

Never a truer random poster…

Want to visit a real website?

That magazine you’ve been looking for…

I think everyone tried to pitch this last year… somebody managed to get it up…

I loved these

Pretty sure this is the way things will go… or something…

Guess which CEO belongs to this desk…

So simple… so rad… shuffler FM

well awesome!

more to followz…


Music clip controlled by the weather…

Err… last month was the first time since the crazy days of November 06 that a month has passed without a post… so now I’m going to do a little overcompensating…

So the DROID is here… is it the one we are looking for?

Highly renowned US Agency Cliff Freeman closed it’s doors. The agency was famous for producing TVCs that were actually funny (well for advertising at least). I heard a rumour somewhere that when presenting work to one of the Creative Directors, you would know if he liked it not by getting a laugh out of him… but by him just saying in a monotone voice “Laugh”…

Here’s one of the “classics” they produced for during the day…

Giff o the day…

Burger King / CP+B does AR… of course they do… they always do the thing… while the rest of us just talk about the “thing”

You doesn’t love a good flow chart…

Pretty “off the wall” interface… yep.


Remember when this was the shizzle for interfaces?

Illustrator Emma Kelly and her site…

This is a bit of all right… Kasabian Football Hero… Underdog is a pretty good song to boot! (accidental)

So. True.

VIA: SwissMiss

Pretty neat idea for a desktop:


Mitten scarfs… another good idea:

mmm… theme… good ideas?

The Dyson Air Multiplier

How about lip gloss that can help detect date rape drugs?

Or a syringe that can only be use once.

Mainly flogged from PSFK.

Want to learn how to dress like Don Draper?

And for the laydeez… a Tetris dress

How about smart artist James Hopkins and his Spirit Level?

Or what would happen if the internet disappeared for the day? (Via: Ray)

Pretty Stupid stuff…
Now this is pretty much the opposite…

So basic idea is… one guy from the company (Brammo) and one guy from the agency (CP+B) ride the new electric motorbikes (the Enertia) they are both trying raise awareness (sell) for… all the way from Detroit (Motor City) to Washington (D.C.) They will (have) couch surf, tweet, glide silently and stop to plug these pretty machines in every now and then all the way in hope of not just raising awareness but also raising the attention of the Barack Obama whom the goal is to give the bike to… now because it’s taken me so long to write this they’ve already made the trip… (listen to the story here: and whilst they may not have succeeded… they did get meet with the US Secretary of Energy and get their message across. Not bad.

shockingbarack journey

The route was chosen as it was the journey the big boys from the car companies took with their hats in their hands to ask for bailout money from the prez.

These are the keys to the bike and the bike lock they have left somewhere if Washington for the Prez tho pick up when he has a spare 5mins.

Great idea.


How about The Editors hacking/mashing streetview in a promo for their latest album…

Now everybody has been posting this… but that’s because it’s petty rad…

Mick Jaggers letter/brief to Andy Warhol…

From the site:

There has to be a TED video in here somewhere now doesn’t there… how about this one from Rory Sutherland? WATCH!

Then how about a little bit more digital / outdoor/ realtime / nonsense?

Via: Creative Review

How about an alternate to lorem ipsium?

and… if only this existed…

And please!


Maybe one last thing…


Jackson Pollock, August 11, 1956

An exhibit by Dean Rogers focusing on locations of fatal car crashes featuring famous people. Cars suck sometimes.


twadges logo


This works on so many levels… made up tweetesque mash-up name, merit badges and massive ego strokes… from them smart monkey @ Soap GET SOME.

There was a flood of tactical stunts after the Sydney Dust Storms… this was my pick… VIA: JWT …I think

Not amazing, but pretty neat little twitter / banner integration… VIA: The blog of banners

tweet banner

I like notepads in the context of their intended use… like the browser pads… here we have notepods

This seems pretty neat… 52 suburbs

Louise Hawsons study of Sydney suburbs… one a week… guess the postcode of some of these…

“Hangman’s Blood” Now that’s a serious cocktail

See retail can be clever (M&C Saatchi in London).

Want a google wave invite? Make a video about it…

Now this is some big time storytelling…

hbo imagine

By those crazy barbarian folk.

And for the Helveticans… Helvetimail… gmail all gone swiss type nerd.

So true… So true…

Douglas Adams… I could listen to him for  hours, and now you can.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Spike Jonze directed spots for Softbank?


The “how we made it” behind the scenes whodat from Sour’s “Hibi No Neiro” webcam video clip thingo…

Both from the well awesome We Love You So.

For the thinkers>>> TED and Reddit joined forces to ask creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson any question… and he answers them.

How about Cluedo…The Office version.

More advertising douchebags talking about advertising… (douchebags = legends in this case)… Man I’m glad this movie is finally coming out it has been hanging around forever //// Art & Copy.


hmmmmmmm… bet your followers…com  Viacom… RBSHCRP

This looks neat.


Freshjive drops the looogoooo…

SITE of THE year… so far. Keggers of Yore.

That was then,this is now…>>> history of the Australian web. Via:

Annnnd that personas thing everyone been banging on about.