Ok as is now tradition… a couple of gifffffffs.

ok so… the iPad and touchy tablet things are going to turn the magazine world upside down right?

We’ll here’s what WIRED (with help form Adobe) are already doing about it… new ways of eating words and pictures… love it.

And for more of these here is an article from the Guardian on the whole topic.

The always talented information architects have a crack at redesigning the facebook.

A couple tweet posters…

Last one via: McKatie Katfield.

“There are 6 strategies for this situation: By – Erik Spiekermann.
1. Avoid
Do something else, wash the car, back-up your data, do errands…
2. Think
Sit back and think about the issue, just let your mind go…
3. Research
Look up stuff, go through your old projects, but avoid Google — it takes too long to find anything useful…
4. Collect
We all have lots of stuff; there must be something in there that is waiting to be used…
5. Sketch
Drawing is great, even if you have no talent. Just visualising the simplest things makes them come alive…
6. Deconstruct
Take the problem apart, look at the parts and then put them back together…”

Nic when she was…

and what cookie monster is up to these days.

Could you? The cinnamon challenge… (via: somethings changed)

Chatroulette, Chatroulette, Chatroulette, Chatroulette, Chatroulette, Chatroulette, Chatroulette, Chatroulette, Chatroulette, Chatroulette, Chatroulette, Chatroulette, Chatroulette, Chatroulette, Chatroulette, Chatroulette, Chatroulette… everything is bloody Chatbloodyroulette…

So how about:

The best of Chatroulette.

or Pokes Chat up on Chatroulette manifesto thing for french connection.

Turn yr head…

Then the improv repise from Ben Folds… this thing despite the dicks might be the biggest… most important thing to happen to the internet…

So… Need to send a Bigassmessage?

Via: Creative Applications.

Ok kids, Youtube closing for the night time to go to bed…

Speaking of which…the Googs has added directions by bike on Google Maps

“Essentially a huge LED display system using a number of self-organizing ‘pixel’ micro helicopters…” huh what?

oh… Via: RubbishCorp

Oliver Jeffers talks about what it is that he does… (makes awesome books for little people)

Release the teddies…

Castrols goal kicking machine… a little bit nuts… not as nuts as the dude standing right in front of it as they load it in the video

Nike SB (skating) 600 page book colab with Fluff magazine… hmmmm

Via: CR.

Does your agency have it’s own app… guess which one does

Looking for a celebrity workout VHS cover flicker set? >maybes

Now this might have been around for a little while but it’s several bright shades of pure fucking awesome. Couple get married… couple sleep in bed… man sleep talks… woman records the stream of unadulterated surreal mayhem thats flowing from his head out his mouth… woman starts blog… internet fame awaits… Tshirt sales etc, morning talk show interviews, upcoming book… all that stuff happens all the time, it’s just the beautifully surreal, mostly offensive dialogue that really sets this one off. Best of all is just not the transcripts but the live recordings of his delightful madness… BEST OF THE YEAR!


“Being horizontal is a state of mind, not just necessary.”
“Stand further away. You can’t possibly appreciate my greatness this close up.”
“They’re guinea pig kisses. Weeweeweeweeweeweeweewee in my ear! Eat the fuckers. They’re tastier that way.
“My pony’s for sale. Yes, it fucking works! I wanna get a stripey zebra instead.”
“Oh, the penguins deserve better. Spread the love… Beaky twats.”
“My ass and my personality are the same thing. Huge and in your face.”
“No, not the cats. Don’t trust them. Their eyes. Their eyes. They know too much.”
“Hey, don’t… don’t say anything. Why don’t you put it in an email, then I can ignore it at my pleasure.”
“You can’t be a pirate if you haven’t got a beard. I said so. MY boat, MY rules.”
“Pork chops are most satisfying. Mmmmmmm. Dangle them from the ceiling.”
“Flap’s on fire. Your flap’s on fire! Chili in the vagiiiiina. I’m a bad bad boy.”
“I don’t want to die! I love sex. And furry animals.”
“I can’t control the kittens. Too many whiskers! Too many whiskers!”
“Don’t leave the duck there. It’s totally irresponsible. Put it on the swing, it’ll have much more fun.”
“I’m better than Superman. He’s just a cunt…. in underpants.”
“Yah, I can’t believe in God when I’m THIS good.”

Please just do.

Great badge:

Via: youmightfindyourself

So Bankys done a cover for… The Sunday Times  Magazine…

Here’s the proof:

Is something a little bit odd about this?

How good are these?

Abstract city…

Valentines Day fell on a Sunday this year… so the smart people @puma (who seem to be putting quite a few in the back of the net as of late) did this… They also did the Ultras version in Italian…

It seems these days it’s not the difficult second album bands have to worry about… it’s the second Youtube phenom… OK GO seems to have had a pretty good crack at it with this…

And speaking of the GO’s they have been pretty vocal about how their record label fucked things up… here’s one of the band members talking about it in the NYT: READ>

And then they sacked their label:

Then in just one small month iTunes cracked it’s 10 Billion downloads…

According to Brand DNA the 10b song was… “It was Guess Things Happen That Way – a song recorded in 1959 by the late Johnny Cash.” BTW, Brand DNA… great Aussie blog… do read… rather frightening how many simliar things we have this month…

So then these monkeys hit 10b as well… funny in the same month huh?

geek gifts geek gifts geek gifts geek gifts geek gifts geek gifts:

Don’t want to post this. Don’t want to post this.

Wasn’t going to post this due to having too many Mr DNA posts but after Mr Whines did as well.. fuck it brilliant idea… kick the footy… makes energy… seriously football can save the world… soccket

+++ This woks really well… FI team McLaren Mercedes new site has a live feed of the communication from the pitt guys and the drivers… The funny thing is close they are too tweets…  the even funnier thing is with two drivers, how the second driver is still getting encouragement from the pitt… “keep going buddy”… the alpha driver has already won but getting across the line is still something…

Nice work by work club.

+for all your iPad stencil needs

+ the best creative magazine in the world had a little birthday…


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