Where did September go?

Jackson Pollock, August 11, 1956

An exhibit by Dean Rogers focusing on locations of fatal car crashes featuring famous people. Cars suck sometimes.


twadges logo


This works on so many levels… made up tweetesque mash-up name, merit badges and massive ego strokes… from them smart monkey @ Soap GET SOME.

There was a flood of tactical stunts after the Sydney Dust Storms… this was my pick… VIA: JWT …I think

Not amazing, but pretty neat little twitter / banner integration… VIA: The blog of banners

tweet banner

I like notepads in the context of their intended use… like the browser pads… here we have notepods

This seems pretty neat… 52 suburbs

Louise Hawsons study of Sydney suburbs… one a week… guess the postcode of some of these…

“Hangman’s Blood” Now that’s a serious cocktail

See retail can be clever (M&C Saatchi in London).

Want a google wave invite? Make a video about it…

Now this is some big time storytelling…

hbo imagine

By those crazy barbarian folk.

And for the Helveticans… Helvetimail… gmail all gone swiss type nerd.

So true… So true…

Douglas Adams… I could listen to him for  hours, and now you can.

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  1. Timmy said:

    My god, all that shit was SO amazing I just blew a hot load all over the fucking place!

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