Not wurd @ all…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Spike Jonze directed spots for Softbank?


The “how we made it” behind the scenes whodat from Sour’s “Hibi No Neiro” webcam video clip thingo…

Both from the well awesome We Love You So.

For the thinkers>>> TED and Reddit joined forces to ask creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson any question… and he answers them.

How about Cluedo…The Office version.

More advertising douchebags talking about advertising… (douchebags = legends in this case)… Man I’m glad this movie is finally coming out it has been hanging around forever //// Art & Copy.


hmmmmmmm… bet your followers…com  Viacom… RBSHCRP

This looks neat.


Freshjive drops the looogoooo…

SITE of THE year… so far. Keggers of Yore.

That was then,this is now…>>> history of the Australian web. Via:

Annnnd that personas thing everyone been banging on about.



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