The Tshirt Diaries

I’ve started a new bloooog. The Tshirt Diaries. Basically we got a whole bunch of tshirts printed up at work in our “corporate colours” Red, Green, Blue, Black & White… as a bit of a thank you / launch gift / milestone thing. One each they said. I as I do, got a bit a carried away and grabbed the whole set. In order to make it look as I wasn’t just being a greedy bastard came up with an elaborate story that it was serious experiment to test colour theory in the advertising workplace (About: Do more concepts get approved when you are wearing a green shirt on a Tuesday? Do more Art Director hissy fits happen on a red shirted Thursday? What should I wear tomorrow? Lets find out….) I’m going to wear a different coloured shirt to work every day, I said. And record the results, I boasted. Well I’m up to day 12 now…

1 comment
  1. Robbo said:

    that’s awesome. Maybe one day, when you’re a wizened old artistic planning director… you’ll be able to make one of these

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