Hello Stuff!

Who doesn’t like Chalkbot… I’d do client presentations this way…

How about Mos Defs new album released as a Tshirt… S_M_A_R_T

How about Blue-Tongue Films? They do some pretty neat stuff, have a feeling they will be rather large one day. Interview with Nash Edgerton here…

Maybe the worlds first realtime corp ID… Not really though is it? Actually yes… kinda… pretty hot by head.

Reminds by a bit of Awards new logo… kinda.

…Man I can’t keep going on about how good this site is… The new Man City site by Poke. Hmm cmon LFC you can do better…

Boy o Boy… this Pringles banner is getting some attention… that’s because it’s the opposite of FAIL.


How about a Thirteen year old reviewing the original Walkman…


Then give it up for CB+Bs new site…

CB+B front page

and on the aggregation tip how about these guys… Whitegoods. Yeah.

Actually if you squint you can see the whitegoods url in the CP+B twitter stream…


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