good init? also like that the video could be an award submission vid without the voice over rubbish.

Credits via: rubbishcorp

  1. Wade M said:

    To me it’s like the real world version of link-baiting…


  2. Allah Bamballah said:

    I couldn’t see it. Is there a Braille version? I have a white cane and a guide dog called Mindy, you see. Mindy was rubbing her paw all over the screen and barking. I think it was her way of trying to tell me what was happening. Is it a dog food commercial? Because Mindy really, really seemed to like it. Sometimes I accidentally eat dog food because I can’t tell which can I am opening. It’s quite yummy when it’s spread on toast. My favourite is kidney with gristle from the gourmet Pal range.

  3. Great idea, prepare to see it stolen and adapted into a webcam + banner ad!

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