Inchy McInchy

As if Mr Alex Bogusky doesn’t have enough on his plate (ouch) Now he has gone and written a diet book, which when I heard of first thought mmmmmm. But now I’ve just read his inspiration for writing the book on the CR blog, which has now made me go hmmmmm (subtle difference). Apparently the idea surfaced when he noticed that he couldn’t fit what he thought were “normal” sized plates into his 1940’s holiday home. A little curious that someone would build kitchen cabinets too small to fit plates he soon realised it’s the plates that have grown. A little investigation proved his theory to be pretty true. So out popped the idea for the book, let’s go back to the 9inch plates of old which of course have a much smaller surface area to fit food. I think of just written more than what’s in the book. Out sometime whenever.

Which reminds me of another CD and his bit of tippy tapping on the side.

Tony Davidson from W+K Londons “One Track Mind” A book of things that look like boosies.

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  1. Pammy said:

    Sometimes bigger is better particularly when you’ve been around the block as many times as I have. Nowadays I need a tree trunk the size of a redwood if I’m to feel anything at all.

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