Feed me more words, more words

Spreeder a neat web based speed reading app. It works by feeding you one word (of an entire article) at a time at a very rapid rate. It does this so you stop the subvocalisation, which is the little voice that reads along with you. That little voice tends to get tripped up by stuff and will go back to read it. However if you feed the text one word at a time at a pace where little voicey can’t keep, he’ll just piss off and leave you to understand what’s being thrown at you. The average speed seems to be up around 545 wpm.

PS: the screenshot says 500, I bumped it up to 600 before pulling it back to 550, just for the record…

1 comment
  1. andy said:

    it would be great if the time was dependent on the length of the word on top of that, like a coefficient.

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