Hey there Mr Blue Sky

A post about a certain editing technique (the multiple cuts thingy look here) made me think of one of my all time favourite Volkswagen TVC (as directed by Mike Mills). The sound track (ELO – Mr. Blue Sky) which has been used in a new ice cream ad here in Australia (Pauls or Peters maybe?), but frustratingly without the chorus. The only problem with showing the bubble boy ad is that I’m unable to do so without showing most probably the greatest VW TVC of all time. Again, with the soundtrack playing a major role (“Pink Moon” by Nick Drake.

Speaking of hearing… another ad which has got me at the moment for a couple of reasons is the new Foxtel HD+ ad “Wonders” by Three Drunk Monkeys. Firstly I’m a sucker for all Foxtels new technologies so it’s right up my ally, secondly it’s got a wonderful soundtrack and finally the nostalgia is spot on making me wonder if the target market is exactly my age and then secondly my fathers, or maybe the other way around. The one of two clips they actually show on a TV is the Aunty Jack Show which was my dads favourite back in the day.
The soundtrack is “Lost in Time” by Whitley

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