Talky McTalkTalk

Funny word talking when you look at it, isn’t it? I went to two things last week week that involved some people talking and other people listening. The first one was Interesting South which is the underneath version of the Interesting conference started by Russell Davies. I was disappointed to miss out on the version last year, so I was happied when a ticket came my way (gracis) for the next installment. There’s a detailed recap of speakers on the main site. But my thoughts were.

Interesting. Obvious but it was. The event has obviously grown as displayed by the new larger venue, the event being sold out and the queue stretching up the road when you got there.

Highlights: Wade Millicans zen like presentation on meditation. I wonder if he has been reading presentation zen? His slides were very neat and his talk was memorable and digestible. Scott Portelli’s experiences with taking people swimming with whales of Tonga, including being shat on by Humpback whales not once but twice. Then Ian Johnston from Sydney University School of Psychology talk about the level of thought in animals. Michael Listers “Bus Network Design: Confessions of an Omnibologist” was brilliant. He had some hilarious examples of bus routes that were designed politics rather than practicality, and we wore a great vest. Which dovetails nicely into Russ Tuckers talk on the viral waistcoat. Awesome idea. Russ had a couple of technical issues which worked so well into the comic timing of his talk they almost seemed rehearsed.

Most of the highlights for me were in the latter third part of the evening, which was fine for me I could have listened to more speakers for another couple of hours. But a shame for some of the empty seats who didn’t stick around. Maybe it was a bit late on a Monday night or the event having two intervals or maybe it was advertising type people who maybe thought the night was more usable. There was abnormally high ratio of iPhones. Whichever, It was a great evening, truly interesting and I hope the videos from the night and the next installment aren’t too far away.


The next talking, watching, listening thing I went to last week was Dan Hills presentation at Creative Social. Dans talk was on the data that’s flowing through our streets and what people are doing with it. Being a reader of his blog City of Sound I was very keen to hear him talk and found it to be very similar to his blog. Almost too full of information because every part of it seems to be something important and worth remembering and investigating.

Tim has the relevant links here as well.

There was a lot of chin stroking going on. Cheers to everyone involved.

  1. Wade M said:

    Hi Pablo,

    Great summary of Interesting South. I didn’t notice all the iPhone, interesting observation. I’m also glad that you enjoyed my talk, thank you for taking the time to listen. You’re right, my presentation was inspired by Presentation Zen, with sprinklings of Thinking With Type, and a dash of Lessig. I’m a huge fan of all 3.

    Russ’ slideshow had a mind of it’s own, but as you said it worked so well.

    Awesome to hear you also enjoyed Creative Social, I’m hoping to get to the next one, still working on how to get in.

    Look forward to reading more posts from you, and hopefully meeting you at the next IS.



  2. Honestly Wade your presentation was so concise I’m still thinking about it. There was one simple take out that people could use. It was beautifully uncluttered.

  3. Sr Pablo
    I am interested that your bggest tag is ‘monkeys’ and very glad you enjoyed the evening.
    See you at the next one!

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