The new Peter Saville.



Trevor Jackson

  1. mns said:

    im the first comment. yey!
    i like the banner thing at the top of the screen! thats cool

  2. mns said:

    i think my friend has one of these websites. Shes Dozy3000 and she is really good on paint on the computer. i really do like the banner and also the picture that says play group on it

  3. mns said:

    wow!!! if u look at the dotty 1 u cn kinda c some words i dnt no wat they r doe

  4. Dozy3000 said:

    Woah, can’t believe I’ve just been said lol. I’m doing my analyze of his album covers for graphics.

  5. Dozy3000 said:

    Lol and it was today aswell. But who is this mns?

  6. Daneika said:

    the words in the dotty grid says ‘soulwax any minute now’…

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