But is it art?


The new Schweppervescense commercial moving picture thing. 1000 frames a second slow mo magic stuff. Some simply beautiful shots in this a(rt)d. The responses floating campaign brief trough have been overwhelmingly positive with the few expected jealous spits. And of course the inevitable “it’s been done before and here is the youtube” evidence. The thing is it hasn’t been done before but it is a part of a meme. This super slooooooooow mo stuff has been everywhere for a while, and used in ads all over the place (beer canon, absolut temptation and cornetto). It’s just a bit of a thing at the moment and the burst guys just did it better. I just think it’s so arrogant people coming out and waving the plagersim flag. Like all there ideas were the first time any human being put those two thoughts together. Technology can give us a peek the global consciousness like never before. Whateva… neat ad, maybe it just doesn’t need the line at the end. Just have the logo and let go.


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