70% just don’t click.

Ahhh, online was meant to be the wholly measurable nirvana for media stick wavers and PPT jockeys. Well it seems the clicks might be one thing but the clickers behind the clicks may be totally different to the clickers we thought they were. A report by Starcom and blah, blah, blah (Tarcoda) show that heavy clickers may be a bunch of not so massively well off Nerdy McNerdnerds. I always thought it was funny that just because people could click they would. Same thinking would be that the effectiveness (and worth) of an ad in the Sydney Morning Herald would be judged be the number of people who jumped on the phone straight away to find out what other colour the silk tie came in. Not that the potential tie buyer saw the ad then saw a guy at work with one and then on a Thursday lunchtime happened to be walking past the tie shop and thought, hey why not have a look. Sooooooo this study claaiiims that “16 percent of Internet users click on 80 percent of ads” eekkk or that “Close to 70 percent of the online universe doesn’t click at all” oucho. Via: Clicks

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