No, Yugo.

Great little interview (bite sized) on Creative Reviews blog featuring Yugo Nakamura. He of Yugop fame (you know you’ve played with it).


He also runs a company called tha*. Amongst other things they have been responsible for some of the great UNIQLO work.


+ The highly addictive FFFFOUND social/image bookmarking site (which I’m still sniffing around for an invite for…anyone?).


++ If you walked past my desk and have seen the awesome KAZE TO DESKTOP screen saver (the one that blows the icons and windows on your desktop in the direction and speed the wind is currently blowing OUTSIDE!).


Three things from the interview I thought… mmm. Firstly he got into this stuff after being a landscape gardener. Secondly he got an inkling that he might be into this stuff after seeing John Maeda’s early work and being attracted to the notion of something being “reactive”. I know it’s different but I think I kinda like “reactive” over “interactive”. Thirdly, Yugo has a benchmark of creating work that he will still be happy with in five years time. Five years, that’s along time in the digital world.

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