What goes around.


So the third Sony Bravia hype machine has been out for a while and maybe just now the dust has settled a little. So what do we have? A little bit of creative finger pointing from the artistic duo kozyndan over the origin of the coloured bunnies and both the agency Fallon and the production company Passion Pictures are shrugging their shoulders saying “not us”. Even the client has weighed in on the debate. Kozyndan are a little bunnie obsessed and have been know to have plenty creative references themselves, but the work is pretty bloody close.

It’s not just the image which anyone at either the agency, production company or even the director may have seen whilst walking through any small gallery or flicking through a plethora of design/art magazines. Kozyndan claim to have been contacted by the production company and they requested images be sent to them over a year ago. Who cares? Someone may have seen it, someone may have completley forgotten they had seen it. Creative brains put these references away in funny places. You think you have a great idea or is it just something you’ve seen and really liked and that’s why you think it’s such a great idea. In the olden days it would have been so much easier to just rip it off, it would take years for anyone to put two and two together, if ever. Nowdays these links could be put together instantly, you’re always going to get pinged. Even a reference for the first Sony Bravia Balls ad was found a little while later in the form of an old Letterman stunt/skit. References are going to be foud for everything that’s just how it works, kinda. Should kozyndan be compensated? Maybe, it’s not as though there was no contact between the two parties and it wasn’t as though the connection was going to be made later. It’s the biggest campaign in the world. They have a teaser campaign in the weeks leading up to it’s launch (I wonder if anyone made the connection then and just waited?). Has compensation been paid already though? I knew who they were before this, I even saw the work in question, but there are alot of people who didn’t, who do now. Alot. So maybe they won’t get the money now but maybe they will later because of it. Maybe they don’t give a shit, other than the acknowledgment, they even say it’s a good ad on their blog when first flagging it. In the end I think this ad is the weaker of the three in the campaign. It’s cute. It’s big, but not spellbinding in the way the balls were, I also like Scamps point about having to mention colour in the soundtrack which is a distraction, maybe. This is the third ad in the campaign (they feel like three stand campaigns). Will they do another? And what is up with the Egyptian Bravia pyramids ad? Is it better? Small thing, I liked the colour facts preloader on the Sony site, learn while you wait and it’s branding.



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