QR Codes


QR (Quick Response) codes could be everywhere soon. They’ve been around ages and of course they’re “big in Japan”. Bascially barcodes that your phone can read (needs software) containing a URL that your phone will then go to. Potentially a far easier way of connecting paper (or whatever it’s printed on) to pixel (mobile). It could be at the bottom of billboards, newspapers, on your business cards… whatever. A few campaigns have used them, anyone can create the codes but the back-end tracking side of it is pretty much sewn up commercially. Might just a matter of time. Now the Pet Shop Boys new film clip has got em’ but with a little twist. The QR codes appear throughout the clip embedded in a pixel animation. So when you pause on a frame (there are over 100 of them in the clip) and point your phone at them you’ll be taken to civil liberties/social rights sites that provide more information on the songs moral message. Neat.


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